Tmux is used to organize multiple terminal windows. It's quick, easy and very useful.

I recently came across a program called tmux. A short guide about tmux was recommended by nixcraft as an interesting read for system administrators and developers. I read the article and I was instantly hooked. This program is amazing and much more efficient then my current terminal window management tools (I just used tabs and multiple detached windows). I definitely recommend this program to everyone who uses terminals frequently.

What does tmux do?

Tmux is defined as a terminal multiplexer. It lets you quickly switch between different terminal windows, allows you to organize your windows in different ways and enables you to easily save and restore entire tmux sessions consisting of multiple terminal windows. This is especially useful for your ssh sessions to remote servers as you can quickly start where you left off. This works even in the case you've lost your ssh connection because the tmux session will keep running in the background. And this includes all background processes which were running in your tmux session. You can imagine the possibilities, both for remote and local sessions.

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