Creating tables using LaTeX can be a hassle with all the available options and packages. This post describes how to create professional tables with ease.

When discussing whether or not to use LaTeX for writing documents, one of the frequently mentioned downsides is the difficulty to create tables in LaTeX. While it is true that a WYSIWYG editor is very easy to use in this case, it's perfectly possible to also easily create tables in LaTeX. You just need to know how.

Using booktabs to quickly create professional tables

Professionally typeset books use simple tables without vertical rules. The booktabs package offers this professionalism for LaTeX tables with intuitive and simple commands. Below is an example that uses this package.

example 1
Kracht [N] & Uitrekking [m] & k [N/m] \\
0.5 & 0.11 & 50 \\
1.5 & 0.13 & 50 \\
2.4 & 0.15 & 48 \\
3.6 & 0.17 & 51.43 \\
4.3 & 0.19 & 47.78 \\
5.6 & 0.21 & 50.91 \\

The booktabs package provides following commands:

  • \toprule for the uppermost rule
  • \midrulefor the middle rules
  • \bottomrule for the lowermost rule
The top- and bottomrule use a thicker line. As you can see, with a minimum of commands we obtained a very good result.

Using online LaTeX table generators

If you want a GUI approach for creating LaTeX tables, here are some online tools that will help:

It's also possible to convert excel tables to latex. Doing a quick search will present multiple options.