I'm a Computer Science student at the KU Leuven and developer at Quivr. I'm passionate about the possibilites and technologies of web apps and I love doing full stack web development to create fully fledged applications which are efficient and durable.

My interests


I love building web apps and I'm passionate about the possibilities the web platform offers and the new technologies that are emerging and growing. Web always felt natural to me, it's everywhere and everyone uses it every day. You can build anything on the web platform and it has never been so fast and efficient as today. It's easy to get started and you can create the most complex, powerfull and beautifull apps with it. The web is an extension of our mind and a playground for our creativity.

Backend & Server Infrastructure

Playing with computers has always been fun, and linux systems are the most fun toys to play with. It includes all the basic tools a developer could wish for.

Backends and server infrastructure are the basis of most if not all applications in some way or another. That's why I'm also interested in backend development and system infrastructure setup and performance.


I did a bachelor in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering at the KU Leuven. Currently I'm in my first master in Computer Science which I will finish in 2018. My specialisation is Distributed Systems, with additions of Artificial Intelligence and Cryptography.

About this website

This website is built with: HTML5, CSS3, Jekyll, Nginx, Linode VPS and Ubuntu. You can browse the source code on my GitHub page.


Besides studying and starting and building projects, I also participate in athletics competitions running the 800m and the 1500m. One day I hope getting a medal at the national championships. My current goals are improving my personal bests and breaking the club records.